The Strategist

Iranian authorities call on residents to reduce gas consumption

01/24/2022 - 09:16

The Iranian Oil Ministry has advised citizens to cut back on their gas usage, which has risen to 650-660 million cubic metres per day in recent days, with a high of 692 million cubic metres on Friday.

As a result, Iranians currently consume almost 80% of the country's gas production. Gas usage has been at an all-time high of more than 600 cubic metres per day for more than two weeks, the ministry's official publication, reported on Sunday.

Due to the country's extended cold weather period, the ministry stated that "increasing gas usage is at a dangerous level." The ministry expects that gas consumption will top 700 cubic meters per day if the cold weather continues.

Gas is utilized to heat homes, which accounts for a large portion of consumption. As a result, several enterprises have already had to limit their gas use and, as a result, their output. The Iranian government has urged inhabitants to use gas more carefully, advising them to dress warmly at home to consume less energy and to turn off heating systems before leaving the house.