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India bans 43 Chinese apps, including AliExpress

11/25/2020 - 02:50

The Government of India has announced ban of 43 mobile applications developed by Chinese companies in the country.

These include four mobile applications from the Chinese Internet retailer Alibaba, including AliExpress. 

India's Ministry of Information Technology and Electronics said that the applications were "harmful to India's sovereignty and integrity, India's defence, security and public order". 

It is reported that the ban of Chinese mobile applications was implemented after a "detailed report from the Coordination Centre for Cybercrime in India".

This is the third round of bans of Chinese applications in India following the collisions at the India-China border in May-June. During the first round, 59 Chinese applications were blocked at the end of June and another 118 - in September. 

With the new decision, the number of Chinese applications blocked in India reaches 220, including the popular video service TikTok.