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Hyperloop One filed a counterclaim to its co-founder

07/20/2016 - 16:00

Hyperloop One company filed a counterclaim to one of its founders Brogan Bambrogan, accusing him of trying to take control of the company and desire to create a competitor.

Luc Van Braekel via flickr
Luc Van Braekel via flickr
Hyperloop One company filed a counterclaim to one of its founders Brogan Bambrogan, accusing him and three former employees in an attempt to intercept the company’s management, and in creation of a competing structure while working on Hyperloop One, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The lawsuit states that Bambrogan, previously held position of Chief Technology Officer in Hyperloop, egged other top managers to seek resignation of Shervin Pishevar, second co-founder of the company and Head of the board of directors. Besides, Bambrogan is accused in an attempt to organize an ‘overthrow’ with aim to hand majority of seats to the company’s staff, including Bambrogan himself. When the attempt failed, Bambrogan allegedly took up creation Hyperloop One’s competitor - Hyperloop Two, and even registered a domain address for the latter. 

Hyperloop One demanded from Bambrogan and his cohorts to pay $ 250 million as compensation for financial losses and reputation damage caused to the company, as well as to return money they allegedly wangled.  

Bambrogan’s lawyer Justin Berger called Hyperloop One’s lawsuit a ‘pure fiction’. According to the lawyer, his client and his colleagues never tried to create a direct competitor for Hyperloop One while working in the company. Now, however, they "are considering all possible options for their future."

In mid-July, Bambrogan filed a lawsuit in California Supreme Court claiming he was browbeaten and threatened by former colleagues from Hyperloop One.

According to Bambrogan, Head of Legal Affairs Afshin Pishevar, brother of Shervin Pishevar, left a hangman’s noose on his chair. Bambrogan claims it happened after he warned Russian investors that the company's management is violating fiduciary obligations. 

The lawsuit, a copy of which is available at the CNBC website, also contains two photographs. One of them, presumably taken by a surveillance camera, shows a man passing by the office desk and holding a certain subject in his hands. Captions to the photos in the lawsuit alleges that it depicts Afshin Pishevar approaching Bambrogan’s desktop BemBrogana with a coiled rope. The second picture shows Bambrogan himself holding the noose, which, as stated in the lawsuit, Pishevar left on his chair.

The idea of Hyperloop’s technology was invented by businessman Elon Musk. He suggested to construct a "vacuum through-passage" in the form of a closed pipe, where a train can travel at a speed 480 to 1,220 km/h. Hyperloop One is one of the two companies, which is engaged in turning the project into reality.

Such a technology has not been implemented anywhere in the world, but the first successful test of an engine for this technology have been conducted in the United States in May.