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Humana Adds Another Two-Years Project To Reduce Further Its Greenhouse Gas Emissions

03/27/2015 - 15:46

Humana Inc. is all set to implement the next two-years step in reducing further its greenhouse gas emissions.
The said company is an exemplary one, in fulfilling its Corporate Social Responsibilities.

Louisville, Kentucky- 19 March 2015- Many companies attended the event organised by White House in the presence of President Obama. Humana Inc., an American health care company, too was a part of it wherein it put forth a list of goals which will aim at five percent reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases by the end of 2017. According to a press release by Business Wire, the occasion that took place at the White House marked a significant step towards a collective effort that was made to curb the industrial emission of greenhouse gases. Many well known contractors from the federal sector made promising announcements regarding their commitments towards the reduction of carbon footprints which they intend on bringing under control from 2015 onwards. Similarly, Humana admitted its social responsibility and the company’s Chief H.R. officer, Mr. Tim Huval said: “As part of Humana’s Corporate Social Responsibility endeavors, we’ve been focused for several years now on Healthy Planet initiatives intended to reduce energy and emissions. We recognize the impact greenhouse gas emissions have on our global climate, and our associates at Humana are deeply committed to doing everything we can to reduce the company’s environmental impact.” In fact, Business Wire reveals that Humana Inc. has a clean record on setting specific goals before them and successfully meeting their aim. Sources from Business Wire write that in the financial year of 2011-2012, the said company had put forth certain objectives before itself on similar issues related to emission of greenhouse gases and consumption of energy in that process. As promised, Humana Inc. cut down its consumption of energy by 8% and emission of greenhouse gases were came down by 3% within the given time frame. Recently, the company launched its next set of objectives regarding the reduction of carbon footprints in 2014 wherein Humana focuses on key environmental issues of greenhouse gas emissions from the working sites of the company. The objectives included in the “second generation” list, an extension project of the previous environment goals, targets to meet its aim by the end of 2015 and to reduce further the carbon footprints of the company. In Mr. Tim Huval’s words: “Humana’s facilities – owned and leased – represent one of the company’s biggest opportunities to reduce emissions. Humana is continuing to invest in capital projects intended to reduce energy consumption and emissions, such as improvements at our data centers, adopting LED lighting standards, and exploring renewable energy options. Our associates also play a critical role in helping us achieve a healthier planet.” Humana Inc., excelling on integral clinical expertise in order to provide the best coordinated healthcare service, is also known for its Corporate Social Responsibilities. The company’s sustained healthy performance to create a healthy planet for healthy people through the platform of CSR was recognised by many organisations. Consequently, the company was awarded the top most rank in “Newsweek Green Rankings”. In fact, the name of the company had featured, as number one, in the “Carbon Disclosure Project Leadership Index”. References: