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Huawei unveils its own OS for smartphones

06/03/2021 - 04:43

Huawei has unveiled the first smartphones running its own HarmonyOS operating system, which is expected to replace Android on the company's devices. It also unveiled a tablet and a smart watch based on the new platform. Earlier, due to US sanctions, the company lost access to the services of Google, which together with Apple dominates the market.
Huawei unveiled the first mobile devices on its HarmonyOS operating system, the company said in a press release. Huawei launched the platform on its flagship Mate 40 smartphone and "flip-up" Mate X2 smartphone, as well as the MatePad Pro tablet and Watch 3 Series smartwatch. The company also showed off its new FreeBuds 4 wireless headphones at Wednesday's event.

Huawei claims that around 100 different devices, including older smartphone models, will receive the update to the new operating system. The company stresses that the advantage of its system is its ability to work on a variety of internet-connected gadgets, from smartphones to wearable devices. "HarmonyOS gives a common language for different types of devices to connect and work together, giving users a more convenient, smooth and secure [interaction] experience," the company wrote in a press release.

Huawei has been developing its operating system since 2016 and revealed it in 2019. Honor TVs, a brand previously owned by Huawei, were the first to receive the system. The company accelerated the transition to its platform due to US sanctions, which prohibited US companies from providing their technology to Huawei. As a result, the Chinese manufacturer was unable to use Google services, including the Google Play app shop, on its devices. Google develops the Android platform on which most smartphones in the world run. The second major player is Apple with its iOS system. Nokia, Samsung and Microsoft previously developed their own operating systems, but they could not compete with Android and iOS.