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How to stay sane while working from home

05/15/2020 - 03:14

If you work from home - it doesn’t matter if you have a separate office or just a coffee table in the living room - the most difficult thing is to do the work and not lose your mind. So how do you find harmony if you stay in the same space day and night? There’s no one-hundred-percent-sure recipe, however, some ideas can be implemented universally.

Put on your socks.

Just because you don’t have to dress does not mean that you can stay in your pajama. If you wear socks, and possibly even shoes, it will prove to your brain that you think about work.

Buy yourself something.

Come up with some reason to leave the house. Go shopping or take a walk. This will not “switch” you, but the distraction should help.

Warm up.

It's time to get started. To warm up, reply to email or share something on social networks. Make it easier for you to start your day: let your home become your office.

Great, get started.

Time to work. Not in bed, in the office. You can work on the couch, but in no case on the bed. Set yourself a reasonable frame to keep your mind.

Take a normal lunch break.

Have lunch, even if it’s actually breakfast that you didn’t eat with your morning coffee. Sit down for lunch anywhere, but not in the workplace. You can have lunch with someone else!

End of the day.

Let the end of your workday be special. It may shift, you may have to work longer, but this mental separation of work and rest is very important.

Go crazy.

Of course, it’s a joke! In half the cases, working from home doesn’t feel great no matter what you do. But what about the other half? Yes, you are free! Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to be nice with those colleagues that you don’t like, and that you can listen to loud music. In any case, you are very lucky.

Based on "Things Are What You Make of Them. Life Advice for Creatives" by Adam J. Kurtz