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Hotel, concert organizers, weapons manufacturers are blamed for Las Vegas massacre

10/13/2017 - 12:44

A 21-year-old California student, Paige Gasper, who was wounded during the shooting in Las Vegas, filed lawsuits against the hotel chain, organizers of the concert, and against manufacturers of the device, with which Stephen Paddock build an automatic rifle out of a semi-automatic. This suit has become the first legal claim of the victims during the shooting, and now the case promises to be very resonant.

Paige Gasper, who was shot in the chest during the shooting and hospitalized, blames the hotel Mandalay Bay and its parent company MGM Resorts for gross negligence and poor staff qualifications. According to the student, negligence and undertrained employees allowed Stephen Paddock to carry and arrange in the hotel room a whole store of firearms and ammunition. The employees did not use the system of observation in the hotel, while Paddock himself managed to install his surveillance cameras in the hotel to monitor the corridor. The student also believes that the hotel security service did not react quickly enough to fire and with its slowness allowed Stephen Paddock to kill and injure more people. The management of MGM Resorts has already responded to the claim, stating that "while our company and the city authorities are doing everything to heal this wound, our main goal is to support the victims and their families, fully cooperating with law enforcement agencies".

Among the defendants in Paige Gasper’s suit also appears Live Nation Entertainment company, which organized the concert. The plaintiff accuses the company of having poorly thought out the system of emergency exit from the concert grounds, as well as in the poor training of personnel for abnormal situations. There was no scheme for an emergency exit from the territory at the concert, and after the shooting and panic started, none of the organizers on the speakerphone did not help the visitors with advice on how to get out of the concert territory. "People were completely in the dark, trying to find their own way to salvation," said Paige Gasper’s lawyer Chad Pinkerton.

Another defendant is American manufacturers of devices that allow open fully automatic fire (bump stock) from semi-automatic rifles. One of these companies - Texas's Slide Fire Solutions - is mentioned in the lawsuit. These devices are sold legally, and any owner of a semi-automatic rifle can install it himself or go to the workshop, in fact remaking his weapons into a full automatic machine, free sale of which has been banned in the US since 1986. It is known that Stephen Paddock installed these devices on several of his rifles, which allowed him to equip several fire points in the room, from where he could fire the bursts.

The American media already call Paige Gasper’s suit, in which she asks to identify and punish the perpetrators, as well as determine compensation to the affected, a resonant event. It is not ruled out that in the near future other victims or relatives of the deceased may join him. As one of the lawyers of the victim stated at yesterday's press conference, she filed a lawsuit to "get answers and take action."


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