The Strategist

Highlights of the Apple's Event

09/10/2015 - 15:08

A number of new, long-awaited Apple products have been finally presented. Before we look in detail at all that has been shown, let’s have a quick overview on what the company came out with.

By the opening of the stock exchange, Apple was worth $ 113.76 versus $ 112.31 at close of trading the previous day. However, by beginning of the presentation, Apple's stock had fell to $ 112.8, and a little later - to $ 111.5.
Apple Watch had no major transformations. The updates touched only straps (there showed up a Hermes leather strap), and colors: Apple Watch is now available in the color "pink gold".

Tim Cook pointed out renovation in the apps for the watches, saying that their number reached more than 10 thousand.

The most important in the arsenal of the updated clock is a specialized program AirStrip. It allows doctors to monitor their patients remotely, listen to pulse and heartbeat, with test results to be displayed on the screen.

The company introduced the iPad Pro - a larger version of the tablet iPad. The gadget has a large-screen display with diagonal of 12.9 inches, resolution - 5.6 million pixels. IPad Pro has four speakers. The gadget is 0.8 mm thicker than the iPad Air 2 - 6.9 versus 6.1. The novelty weighs about 712 grams, what slightly exceeds the first iPad generation. The battery life is 10 hours.

The tablet runs on a processor A9X, which is 1.8 times faster than the chip from the past iPad Air 2. Senior Apple's vice president of marketing Phil Schiller says that the new iPad Pro is faster than 80% of PCs sold in the last six months. The minimum amount of memory to store user data - 32 gigabytes, the maximum - 128 gigabytes.

In addition, Schiller introduced the Smart Keyboard - the first tablet keyboard developed by Apple, not third-party manufacturers. It's funny that a representative of Microsoft was asked to demonstrate the new apps running on the advanced tablet. In addition, Steve Jobs hate another accessory for the tablet - stylus.

The declared cost of iPad Pro, depending on the model - from $ 799 to $ 1079. The stylus Apple Pencil will be sold for $ 99, Smart Keyboard - for $ 169.

Apple TV has acquired a new remote control function with touchpad. In addition to watching videos and television, now the console allows running variety of applications, including Apple Music and playing games.

The voice assistant Siri got in touch with the console too – now it’s possible to operate the device through the app. The voice module enables showing sports scores and weather forecast while watching. Apple TV will work on tvOS - a modified version of iOS.

The cost of the console will be $ 149 for a model with 32 gigabytes of memory and $ 199 for the 64 gigabyte model. Sales of Apple TV are starting in October.

After that, Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced the new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Outwardly, they do not differ from the previous models of iPhone 6, which Cook named the most popular iPhone model in history.

Yet, the technical stuffing, according to the company's top managers, have changed dramatically. The smartphones’ cases became stronger, and the phone has got a new feature 3D Touch, which is able to recognize pressure on the screen and display the corresponding menu commands, windows, and so forth.

In addition, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus received new colors - gold with a pink tinge. The smartphones’ processor was marked A9. Apple declares its growth performance in 70%, whereas the speed of graphics processing increased by 90%.

Cameras have been updated too. Now, they allow capturing not only 12 megapixel photos, but also with 4K resolution too. The front camera was upgraded to 5 megapixels.