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Greece to start accept tourists from July

05/21/2020 - 02:31

Greece will allow direct flights to its main tourist destinations from other countries from July 1, announced Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, reports AP. The tourist season in the country will begin on June 15: from this date seasonal hotels will open, Head of the Greek government noted.

Pedro Szekely via flickr
Pedro Szekely via flickr
All arrivals in the country will be tested for coronavirus. They will also have to follow “basic security protocols” that the government will adapt to suit the situation, but so that they “do not overshadow our bright sun or the natural beauties of Greece,” Mitsotakis said. “As we won the battle for health, so we will win the war for the economy,” Bloomberg quotes him. Prime Minister called on Greeks for the same discipline, flexibility and solidarity, which earned "world admiration" for the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Mitsotakis did not specify exactly what safety rules the government will change and whether there will be any restrictions on the countries from which flights will be allowed. In early May, part of the enterprises opened in Greece. From May 25, restaurants will resume work in the country, and a ban on travel to the islands for non-residents will also be lifted, Bloomberg said. From June 1 to the end of October, the country will reduce taxes on sales of tickets for ferries, flights and buses from 24% to 13%, as well as for soft drinks in cafes, bars and restaurants.

“The tourist experience this summer may be slightly different from what it was in past years. Maybe not a single bar will work, no crowds, but you can still have a great time in Greece,” Mitsotakis said in an interview with CNN, which was published on May 8. Then he expressed hope that the European Union would adopt common standards for the resumption of travel. For example, for people to take tests for coronavirus before flight, and not upon arrival: then only people with a negative test or with a positive antibody test will get on the plane.

In the same interview, Mitsotakis said that he counts more on tourists with incomes above the average. For example, those who rest on yachts or prefer to settle on farms and in small hotels.


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