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Google vs Twitch: Let the Game Begin

06/15/2015 - 16:01

Google is preparing to launch a new website and a mobile app YouTube Gaming, which will be devoted exclusively to online games, on the basis of one of its largest asset, video hosting YouTube. This was reported in the company's official blog. According to media reports, a new service from Google will become the main competitor of Twitch.

The creators of YouTube Gaming promise that the resource will feature more than 25 channels of thousands of games and user-uploaded videos will also appear on their accounts. Those, who want to start their own online channel, no longer need to pre-book online broadcast at a certain time, unlike YouTube. The quality of the broadcast will remain unchanged - 60 frames per second.

YouTube Gaming creation will allow collecting all the game content area in one place and let more successfully monetize it, Tech Crunch experts believe.

The publication notes that the new Google’s service will compete with Twitch platform launched in 2012, which allows participants to capture themselves on video when gaming and broadcast video in high quality. Twitch’s monthly audience is exceeding 100 million people who watch commented games broadcasts in real time, as well as backdated video games. In 2014, online retailer Amazon acquired Twitch for 970 million dollars. Experts called Google’s worries about violating antitrust laws one of the possible reasons why the giant did not buy the service itself.

Twitch’s team has responded to Google announce by sarcastic greeting on his Twitter: "Welcome Player 2. Add me on Google+ », referring to the failed attempt to create Google’s social network, which would become a worthy competitor to Facebook. The post is equipped with hashtag #kappa, which means sarcasm in Twitch.

Game videos are an important source of traffic for YouTube: in May 2015, hundreds of the most popular gaming channel attracted about 6 billion views. The leader is a professional gamer PewDiePie’s channel. He collects 352 million views a month, and the number of his subscribers exceeded 37 million.

As for YouTube Gaming service, it is entirely devoted to "your favorite games and players and contains more video than anywhere else yet". More than 25 thousand of games will get their own thematic pages, where a library of the best videos and broadcasts will be presented.

Users will be able to subscribe to channels, among which we can find major publishers and famous YouTube letsplayers. Also, both the web site and application will notify users about the start of broadcasts or the appearance of new content. Additionally, users can set their own personal preferences.

The service is going to be launched this summer.