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Google to Beat Senility

04/08/2015 - 16:39

Calico company's management, owned by Google Corporation, today announced a collaboration with pharmaceutical giant Chicago AbbVie. Such a partnership is a part of a program in which in the near future it is planned to develop and bring to market a new type of drugs against diseases typical of old age.

It seems that management plans of Caliso and Google is slowly but surely are beginning to be realized. $ 250 million will be allocated to research in this direction by owners AbbVie and Calico with the prospect of additional funding for the project another $ 1 billion. This money is planned to create a Research Center in San Francisco and assemble a team of scientists to test new drugs and conduct clinical trials, followed by the introduction of drugs on the market.

- Our collaboration with AbbVie will create innovative therapies age-related diseases of older people. This, above all, will be the first step in the study of the aging process and finding ways to prevent it, as well as raise the level of our clinical practice and help patients around the world, "- said the founder of Calico Art Levinson.

However, despite the scale of the proposed research activity of experts of the two organizations, the present Google’s standoff with old age looks yet even quite far from the embryonic stage, given final goals sounding fantastic.

Immediately after the company was founded in 2013, Google CEO Larry Page said:
- Disease and aging affect are all of our families. In the long term, thanks to the revolutionary approach to health care and biotechnology, we can improve lives of millions of people. Art (Arthur Levinson) is one of the leading scientists, entrepreneurs and leaders of our generation. One can hardly find a person who would cope with this case better. "

Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed with Page's opinion and confirmed that there wouldn’t be a better candidate for this position.

Larry Page told investors on his page in Google Plus, that the establishment of such an enterprise, though different from what is now the company does, however, makes it possible to make technology work for the implementation of the noble goal of improving the quality of human life.

- Do not be surprised if we invest in projects that seem strange or risky compared to our current Internet business - warns Page.
- And please remember that investments such as this do not go to any comparison (by volume) with our core business.

Google does not provide any other details about the new company, so do not know where it will be based, as is the staff, and the role of Page's in her future endeavors. Yet we note that according to a source to Reuters, Google investment into a new company "significant".

It should be noted that after Google co-founder Larry Page in 2011 assumed his responsibilities as executive director, the company opened funding of a number of so-called moonshots (rocket launch to the moon). Those are revolutionary projects, which include development of an unmanned vehicle, Google Glass wearable computer and providing the population in remote regions with the internet with the help of balloons.