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Google's Fails: South Asian Prime Minister as a Criminal and the Den of Edward Snowden

06/04/2015 - 17:00

As it became known, Narendra Modi’s photo got in the list due to the many statements that he made about the operation to capture criminals

Search engine Google has become the focus of the scandal in India after the Prime Minister of the Republic of South Asian Narendra Modi accidentally hit the list of the ten most dangerous criminals on the version of the search engine.

The Prime Minister’s photo appeared first in response to "Top 10 criminals in India" user request in Google. This information spread around the Internet in just a few days and headed the ranking of the most popular themes in India on the microblogging site Twitter.

The premier’s compatriots of the state of Gujarat, where he was re-elected as Chief Minister four times, demanded to take immediate action to remove the picture of Modi from the search. As a result, Google apologized for "the confusion and misunderstanding happened."

- We are also concerned about the search results, which are not a reflection of our opinion - was said in an official statement Google. - We will continue to improve search mechanisms in order to avoid such incidents in the future."

As it turned out, Modi’s photo appeared in the list of the many statements that he made about the operation to capture the perpetrators. Often, the media added shots of the prime minister to this kind of reports, which ultimately led to an error in the database.

Narendra Modi ranked second in the list of people whom the inhabitants of India most searched on Google in 2014. He is second only to Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

In these latter days, Google's fails became more frequent. For example, a mark saying Edward Snow Den appeared on the White House on the United States Google Maps in April.

In the same month, Google Maps displayed an image of Android logo, urinating on the logo of Apple. Logos have been placed in one of the cities of Pakistan. Google explained the appearance of the logo by misuse Map Maker tool. Later, an appeal to Google ridiculed user content moderation process appeared on the maps.  

May 21 Google's representative apologized for the fact that the inquiries with the word Nigger point to the White House - the residence of the US president - on Google Maps, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.

- Some inappropriate results appears In Google Maps, those, which should not have happened, and we apologize if anyone was offended. Our staff are working to quickly fix the problem, - said the company’s representative. He did not explain the cause of such an accident.

Google complains that attempts to spam on its map service has become more frequent in recent months. The Guardian notes that it remains unknown whether the incident was caused by a caustic jest, or it is just particular qualities of the search engine.

In May, the company was forced to turn off other mapping service Map Maker, which allows users to correct and add information on the maps, after the emergence of obscene jokes, for example, Android urinating on the logo of Apple.


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