The Strategist

Google Is Developing Its Own Virtual Reality Headset

01/29/2016 - 08:13

It looks like the cardboard VR-headset Google Cardboard is not the only project that connects the search giant with the world of virtual reality. Of course, the corporation’s management closely monitors the changes in the global trend, and when the public is particularly agitated by future releases of headsets like Oculus Rift, Vive and PlayStation VR, it is impossible to remain on the sidelines, missing the such a wonderful opportunity to make a pretty penny out.

A list of vacancies recently published on its website gives evidence that Google is creating another head-mounted display in its secret laboratories. One of the list’s positions looks for "senior technical manager of virtual reality equipment." Apparently, Google is developing not one but several different VR-sets, according to the job requirements: "the responsibility of the manager includes system integration of high-performance consumer electronics products powered by batteries."

"As the leading technical manager of consumer electronics products, you can help expand the ever-growing portfolio of our company. You will be responsible for development of multiple user devices and unite the team, suitable for the task, "- reads the text of the vacancy.

Another vacancy on Google says "the engineer of pcb devices for virtual reality." The responsibilities include developing and maintaining the company's current products. It may well be that all this is somehow related to the large investments in the development of Google Magic Leap in the field of augmented reality. The two companies still have not revealed what exactly is being developed.