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Givenchy, Coach apologize to China for incorrect T-shirts

08/13/2019 - 16:24

Givenchy French fashion house and American accessories manufacturer Coach, following Versace, apologized to China for t-shirts to designate Hong Kong and Taiwan as territories independent of China, CNBC reports.

Coach's ambassador in China, supermodel Liu Wen, said on Aug. 12 on Weibo that she had terminated the contract with the company when she learned that the 2018 collection includes a T-shirt that shows Taiwan as an independent state. Beijing considers the island another province. 

The Coach brand (owned by Tapestry) tweeted that it respects China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. In May 2018, the company discovered “significant incorrectness” in the design of one of the collection's T-shirts. The product was immediately recalled from the sale, the company assured.

Singer Jackson Yee from TFBoys said he terminated his contract with Givenchy (part of LVMH) over a T-shirt in which Macau and Gokong were named independent states. Versace had to apologize for the same t-shirt last weekend. Givenchy apologized for the mistake on Weibo, reports CNBC.

On August 12, apologies from the Fresh cosmetics brand, Asics sportswear, and the Calvin Klein fashion brand also appeared in Chinese social networks. All of them admitted that they made incorrect designations of territories that China considers to be its own on their websites, Reuters reports.