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Germany will spend € 3.5 bln to build electric car charging stations

11/05/2019 - 06:59

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that the government will invest € 3.5 billion ($ 3.9 billion) in the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles by 2035.

The statement was made during a speech by the Chancellor at the Volkswagen factory in Zwickau, where starts production of an ID.3 electric vehicle worth € 30 thousand.

“Now we can say that Zwickau is the pillar of today's German automobile industry and its future,” said Ms. Merkel (quoted by Reuters). “Our task is to lay the foundation for technological innovation,” she said.

Earlier, Germany opened  the first section of a road, on which long-distance vehicles with electric or hybrid engines can charge their batteries directly in motion using a contact electric network above the roadway, without stopping at electric recharging stations.