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Gates Foundation invests $5 million in experimental HIV treatment

04/17/2023 - 03:28

Bill Gates' charity organization will spent $5 million on HIV-related experimental treatment.

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The Bill and Melinda French Gates Foundation has contributed $5 million to the French biotech firm Smart Immune, reports The Financial Times.

The funds will be used to carry out early studies of the Smart Immune technology, which should assist HIV patients in quickly and completely regenerating their immune systems. Patients with leukemia who need to restore their immune systems after treatment will participate in the trial.

The start-up's technique transforms stem cells into immature T cells. These cells are injected into the body to develop further and play a crucial role in the immune system. The procedure of cells maturation takes less than 100 days, while bone marrow transplant recipients must wait at least 18 months for their immunity to fully recover. 

Additionally, according to FT, cells transplanted using the Smart Immune technique can survive in the body for up to 10 years, compared to the two to six weeks of average time of injected T-cells survival.

Several HIV patients who have received bone marrow stem cell transplants from infected-disease-resistant donors have already showed remission. According to the research, Smart Immune technology offers optimism that the same result can be accomplished on a bigger scale by altering the cells to make them resistant to HIV.