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G7 countries set to cut CO2 emissions from cars by 2035

04/17/2023 - 03:31

During a meeting of G7 environment, energy, and climate ministers, the nations decided to reduce CO2 emissions from their car fleets to half of 2000’ levels by 2035, according to a joint statement released after the meeting.

Oregon Department of Transportation
Oregon Department of Transportation
"We note the possibility of collectively reducing at least 50% of CO2 emissions from the G7 vehicle fleet by 2035 or earlier from levels of 2000’ as half way to achieving zero emissions," the statement reads.

The ministers emphasized significance of adopting zero-emission vehicles, charging infrastructure, and sustainable carbon-neutral fuels in addition to cutting emissions from the vehicle fleet.

With regards to shipping, the G7 nations agreed to "support establishment of at least 14 green shipping corridors involving G7 countries by mid-decade and creation of green corridors around the world to lower greenhouse gas emissions the use of zero- and near-zero-emission ships and development of decarbonised ports."