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Funny job: Easy ways to gamify your work

10/16/2020 - 07:48

Wouldn't it be great if we could play at work? Games make us focused, active, attentive. We feel strength and energy in ourselves, turn on the imagination and try to give our best. All this is required of us at work, and to evoke these features, we only need to introduce a little playful thinking into everyday life - and the tasks will become more exciting, the results will be better, and we ourselves will be happier.

Do hard work

It's interesting to play if it makes us strain our strength, test ourselves. A task that is too easy, which we can cope with without difficulty, does not arouse interest. The same thing happens at work. If we are bored, we perceive tasks as too routine or unimportant, we do not want to complete them.

In video games (and not only), we often choose a character. Researches show that by associating ourselves with a fictional person, we become more inventive, bolder and stronger not only on the playing field, but also in life.

Secret identity

It helps focus on what psychologists call defining personality traits — the heroic qualities that are the foundation of yourselves. The defining qualities of a personality are different for each person: for example, purposefulness, kindness, a sense of humor, spirituality, a thirst for adventure or a thirst for knowledge.

Come up with a secret identity. Who do you want to be at work? Mister Irresistible Charming? SuperManager? MegaBrain? It is not necessary to tell your superiors about this and sign a new nickname in your corporate mail - superheroes often have to hide their true self under a mask. Just remember your secret identity every minute and act like a superhero.

Find bad guys and fight them

The bad guys in video games are obstacles that keep us creative and smart. In everyday life, they act in much the same way - they complicate it. And by doing so, they help us develop skills and strategies that make us smarter, stronger and faster.

Have a competition

Nothing spurs us better than the desire to outflank our opponent. However, it is not necessary to fight them: your friend and colleague can become a rival, and healthy competition will benefit both of you.

Make a bet on who will get the job done faster, sign more contracts, come to the office earlier, or give a better presentation. Put something nice and meaningful on the line - for example, have the loser pay for lunch at a restaurant of the winner's choice. The competition will challenge you, make you be more attentive, forget about procrastination and make every effort. You and your opponent and the whole team will win. Plus, it'll be fun!

Assemble a team

Scientists have proven that to become happier, you need to do business with friends, family members, neighbors, colleagues and other people who make up the social fabric of our lives. When we do something together, reward centers are activated in the brain. So call your friends and let the games begin!

Based on "The Inner Game of Work. Focus, Learning, Pleasure, and Mobility in the Workplace" by W. Timothy Gallwey