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French Engie's board of directors to replace Executive Director

02/07/2020 - 08:09

The board of directors of the French company Engie (formerly GdF Suez) decided not to renew the powers of the executive director Isabelle Kocher, expiring in May 2020. According to the company's press service, Engie needs a new leadership to become a leader in the energy and climate sectors.

Enseignement à l'Ecole polytechnique
Enseignement à l'Ecole polytechnique
Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, thanked Ms. Kocher "for her work at Engie over the past twenty years." “Since 2016, she has been able to lead the company onto a path of profound transformation, in particular, by abandoning the exploration and production of hydrocarbons and the production of electricity based on coal,” said Mr. Clamadieu.

Engie is one of the investors in the ongoing Nord Stream-2 project. In November 2019, the Polish antitrust regulator UOKiK fined the company € 40.3 million. According to the regulator, Engie “consistently and without reason” refused to provide documents on participation in the gas pipeline construction project. UOKiK is investigating Russian Gazprom and four other European companies (Shell, Wintershall, Uniper and OMV).