The Strategist

France urges citizens to be ready for second lockdown

05/12/2020 - 03:27

Jean Castex, a coordinator of the strategy of lifting the COVID-19-related restrictions in France's, warned that there could be a second isolation.

“Emergency re-isolation must be envisaged,” Castex wrote in a report published on the first day of relaxing the restrictions on the coronavirus epidemic in France.

He called for ensuring reversibility of measures introduced in the country with permits of travelling to up to 100 km away from home, opening of non-food stores, resumption of the work of some enterprises, libraries, small museums, as well as mandatory wearing of protective masks in public transport.

“In the absence of a vaccine or treatment solution in the near future, the French population remains vulnerable to a recurrence of the epidemic,” Castex said.

On Monday evening, the Council of France approved a law on the country's withdrawal from isolation while maintaining a number of restrictions related to emergency sanitary conditions. At the same time, the council introduced amendments aimed at limiting the number of persons having access to personal data when tracking contacts of infected people, and respecting the rights of isolated patients.

According to the General Directorate of the Ministry of Health, 263 infected with COVID-19 (70 days earlier) died in France over the past day, the total number of deaths from the beginning of the epidemic reached 26,643. During the epidemic, 56,724 people were cured in hospitals. Over the last day, 456 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed. In total, 139519 cases of COVID-19 infection were detected in the country.