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France to increase military spending by 40%

02/08/2018 - 13:37

The French government announced plans to increase defense spending by more than 40% by 2025. This is reported by the television channel France 24 with reference to AFP.

ResoluteSupportMedia via flickr
ResoluteSupportMedia via flickr
The promulgated bill provides growth of military spending from 34.2 billion euros in 2018 to 50 billion euros in 2025. From 2019 to 2022, the Ministry of Defense plans to increase spending annually by 1.7 billion euros, and from 2023 to 2025 - by 3 billion euros.

Part of the funds allocated will be spent on replacement of obsolete armored personnel carriers, manufacturing aircraft and ships, as well as on modernization of France's nuclear arsenal. The bill provides for significant funds for material support and housing for the military and their families.

The increase in France's military budget under President Emmanuel Macron marks a breakthrough after many years of tightening defense spending, the article says.

Macron was the leader of France, who did not serve in the army, since he reached draft age after the compulsory military service was abolished in the country in 1997.

However, Macron has repeatedly stressed his commitment to the country's armed forces, which are fighting against jihadists in West Africa and the Middle East and patrolling streets of France because of the threat of terrorist attacks.

The French armed forces operate on several fronts. In particular, they took part in the struggle against the "Islamic state" in Syria and Iraq. Another 4,000 military are based in West and Central Africa. After a series of terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, which killed more than 240 people, 7,000 soldiers were called to anti-terrorist operations.

The article notes that the country increases military spending in accordance with the requirements of US President Donald Trump, who insisted that NATO member countries deduct up to 2% of their GDPs for the needs of the alliance. Currently, France's contribution is 1.82% of GDP. The US accounts for about 70% of the total defense spending of the alliance.

Meanwhile, the United States is close to adopting a bill on raising budget spending, including military, by $ 300 billion over the next two years. So far, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have agreed on this. Now, the bill is waiting for the approval of the House of Representatives and signature of President Donald Trump, who fervently supports the initiative. If the law is passed, defense spending will increase by $ 80 billion this fiscal year and $ 85 billion next year, which begins on October 1.

Recently, NATO countries have been raising defense spending. In January, the Danish government decided to allocate additional funds for military purposes. In the next six years, defense spending will grow by 2.14 billion dollars (12.8 billion kroner). The increase in defense spending occurred in the country for the first time since the Cold War.



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