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Forming cooperation between sales and marketing: How and why?

01/18/2019 - 07:43

A war between the sales and marketing departments may be the reason why why your business does not get enough profit.

If you have no desire to scale business and you are completely satisfied with financial success, then let these departments exist separately. If you want to generate a new level of profit, stop this unspoken war.

These departments work independently in most companies. Interaction occurs only in particularly crisis periods. This model does not interfere with work, but does not make it productive either.

Employees of the marketing department are working on everything that happens before an order is made. They work with internet traffic, launch advertising, generate leads and lead the target audience to sellers. Now, a potential customer gets in the hands of the sales department.

In turn, sales managers have to work with those whom the marketer brought in.

Everyone here does his own thing. Some attract customers, others make a profit. Such a structure looks correct and logical exactly until the moment when sales begin to fall. And then the real war begins.

The marketing department points to high coverage and number of leads, the sales department blames poor performance. Sellers blame marketers for a poorly chosen audience and a poor-quality advertising company. And then, the story repeats over and over again.

How to end the war and make a profit?

Building a new system does not mean that it is necessary to lock marketing specialists and managers in one room and force them to do each other’s work.

The meaning of symbiosis is that all performs their own tasks and actively interact with another department.

The task of the marketing department is to attract target customers. First you need to clearly know portrait of the client, his needs, fears and objections. All this information is owned by the sales department.

When the main characteristics of the client are known, marketers prepare him for contact with the sales department. They work with objections and increase the desire to buy.

Managers help clients make the right choices, answer questions and make deals. Their tasks include raising the client’s check, selling additional goods and services, collecting information about the target audience for marketers.

Sales do not begin in the office at the manager's desk. Sales begin at the moment when the customer says: "No, I do not need it."

Therefore, it is ideal when marketing solves all major problems before buying: “warms up” interest of potential customers, works with their pains and fears, answers questions through content. The prepared audience comes to the sales department and makes a deal.

Four steps to achieve smooth work

1. Describe the process of generating profits in detail, from the start of the advertising campaign to the closing of the transaction and payment.

This is necessary in order to understand at what stage the solvent target audience comes.

2. Create a single database that will be useful to both departments.

Information about actions of the client, and what content he is interested in, will be important for sales manager. 

Marketers will need data analytics, portrait of the audience, preferences, fears, needs.

A single database of information will allow you to create strong advertising strategies and close applications faster.

3. List instructions for each department.

Specify what and who needs to do in order to achieve results as quickly as possible. This will allow to organize the process and eliminate shifting of responsibility.

4. Monitor performance.

Create a system to check work of the departments. Analyze effectiveness in the context of a common goal, an increase in profits.

Create a new system of work of sales and marketing to improve the financial performance of the company.

Based on "Full Engagement! Inspire, Motivate, and Bring Out the Best in Your People" by Brian Tracy

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