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Former Uber security chief found guilty of defrauding watchdogs

10/07/2022 - 10:05

San Francisco jury found Joe Sullivan, the former head of security at Uber, guilty of hindering investigations and hiding a crime against his business that was committed by third parties.

In question are Uber's 2016 cyber attack and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's subsequent investigation of the event.

Attorneys for Mr. Sullivan claim that when an unidentified hacker approached them and demanded $100,000, he and his colleagues were attempting to stop the theft of the company's 57 million client records. The business quickly made the ransom payment to keep the consumer data. At the time, the FTC was looking into a different hacking incident involving Uber, but Mr. Sullivan refused to alert authorities of the new more serious incident.

The security chief is thought to have done this intentionally to keep the new incident hidden from investigators. Prosecutors also think that despite having the chance to do so, the head of security did not take any steps to determine who was responsible for the hacking attack. Three years after Joe Sullivan leaving Uber in 2017, federal authorities opened an inquiry into him.

Withholding information regarding the incident might result in a three-year sentence and up to five years in prison for the former Uber employee.



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