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Former Amazon vice president Dave Limp to become new head of Blue Origin

09/27/2023 - 10:31

Blue Origin's current CEO, Bob Smith, will step down and be succeeded as CEO by Dave Limp, the former vice president of Inc., according to CNBC.

Smith is leaving Blue Origin with effect from December 4 of this year, but he will stay on until January 2 to facilitate a smooth transition of the new CEO.

Limp, who has worked for Amazon for more than 13 years, revealed last month that he will step down from his position as senior vice president of products and services, where he oversaw well-known initiatives like voice assistant Alexa, drone automobile Zoox, and satellite internet provider Project Kuiper.

Limp will join Blue Origin, which is owned by his former employer Jeff Bezos, at a crucial point in several space programs. Under a NASA contract, the business intends to increase BE-4 rocket engine output, launch the newest New Glenn rocket, and develop a spacecraft that will transport people to the Moon.



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