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Five practical ideas for visual notes

02/27/2017 - 15:10

Visual notes have a lot of practical benefits. They can be used for project planning, to prepare for a journey, for sketches of impressions, for writing recipes or learning foreign languages.

Samuel Mann via flickr
Samuel Mann via flickr
Now you need Instagram not for selfies but for snapshots of your notes. Creating sketches can be easy and inspiring. Let's try?

Sketches and project planning

Sketches are well suited for project planning. Place your project’s name and description at the top of the page and fill the remaining space with details about the project. Planning with visual notes may help you find some of details that you otherwise would not see. Add to your plan checklists, charts, references and other information. Build a visual flow of the project, document important events, tasks and characteristics of each member of your team. Use pictures, handmade font and text to capture important details for decision-making, the role and tasks of each team member.

Sketches and planning family vacation 

Sketches are a fun way to build travel plans with visual note. It is very simple to create a sketch with the travel plan. Place your destination site at the top of the page, and fill the remaining space with flight details, hotels location, reservation details, tours, maps and a list of attractions that you would like to explore. After completing a visual note with travel plans, take a picture of it on your smartphone or digital camera. You can share it with family members or work colleagues - then everyone will know that you are going to do.

Sketches and food

Visualize a recipe of a delicious dinner using images, fonts, and text. Create visual archives of all that you have tried to share it with others. Recipes are yet another way to combine instructions with specific actions and ingredients. Make a visual note with your favorite recipe, starting with a quick sketch, and then improve it to the final version.

Sketches and presentations

Schematic image of your presentation with mind maps and indexing cards (or sticker) is useful in early stages of preparation for a presentation. First, write down the main ideas so that you can keep track of their flow. In a second step change layout to improve flow of information in the presentation.

Sketches and language learning

Take ten cards and write a word in your native language with a picture above or below. Turn over each card and do the same with translation of the word in the foreign language. Memorize ten foreign words and images on these cards, spending 2 minutes on each (a total of 20 minutes). Check how many words you will remember one week later.

based on 'The Sketchnote Workbook. Advanced techniques for taking visual notes you can use anywhere' by Mike Rohde

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