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First Tesla Model 3 come to Europe

02/07/2019 - 11:18

The American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla Incorporated carried out the first delivery of Model 3 cars to Europe, writes Electrek.

Steve Jurvetson
Steve Jurvetson
According to the newspaper, the first batch of electric vehicles assembled at the automaker's Californian factory arrived in the Belgian port Zeebrugge by the Glovis court. The next batch is expected in the next few days.

It is expected that 3,000 Model 3 electric vehicles will arrive in the Belgian port every week.

Tesla Model 3, the most low-cost model of Tesla, was presented in March 2016. In April 2016, it became available for orders. Production began in the third quarter of 2017 and was accompanied by some problems, but gradually increased and exceeded 50,000 cars in the third quarter of 2018. Mass production of Model 3 is considered the key to getting the company to a profitable level.

Earlier, the automaker received permission from the Dutch vehicle management (RDW) to sell its Tesla Model 3 cars in the European Union.

Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling premium car in the USA in 2018, ahead of models such as the Audi Q5 and BMW 3 Series. The European market is important to the company in the mid-sized premium sedan segment, which is more than twice as large as the same segment in the United States. It is dominated by German BMWs owned by Daimler Mercedes-Benz and Audi Volkswagen.

In total, Europeans ordered about 14,000 Model 3, most orders came from Germany and Norway. Many European customers have been waiting for their cars for three years.

Tesla shares fell 10% over the past three months; the company's capitalization is around $ 55.5 billion.