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Finland calls on EU to stop imports of meat and soy from Brazil due to Amazon fires

09/14/2019 - 11:48

Finnish Finance Minister Mika Lintilä stated that the Finnish authorities have stopped importing the products from Brazil, and were seeking a general ban on the import of Brazilian meat and soybeans throughout the European Union.

Senado Federal
Senado Federal
This was announced by Head of the Finnish Ministry of Finance at a press conference in Helsinki. According to him, Finland has already suspended purchases of Brazilian meat and soybeans, and is now advocates a boycott of these products by the EU.

At the end of August 2019, the Finnish Ministry of Finance issued a statement stating that " Mika Lintilä condemns destruction of the Amazon rainforest." Earlier, a number of companies from Norway and the United States refused to purchase raw materials and products from Brazil under the pretext of "caring for the environment."

At the same time, a rather scandalous absentee discussion took place between Presidents of Brazil and France over the fight against forest fires, the provision of financial assistance for these purposes, as well as appearance of French President’s wife.

Concerns for the environment have recently begun to increasingly turn into an excuse for the developed countries to put pressure on developing countries. In addition to the situation surrounding forest fires in Brazil, similar examples of such environmental moralizing, followed by trade restrictions, also include a trade dispute between the EU, Indonesia and Malaysia. EU authorities applied import duties on Malaysian and Indonesian products under the pretext of reducing damage for the environment.


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