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Facebook to compete with YouTube

08/30/2018 - 15:25

Facebook launches worldwide Watch service, through which users can publish their videos, track their popularity and earn money on them.

Facebook has announced global launch of Facebook Watch service, which will compete with YouTube, the largest Internet video platform. Facebook Watch is available worldwide from Thursday, August 30, according to a press release released on August 29 by the social network.

The service has been operating since August 2017 in the United States. Every day about a million users visit it for at least one minute. Since the beginning of the year, the total length of watched videos has grown 14 times, the message goes on.

Facebook offers authors of videos an opportunity to earn money on commercial breaks. This option will initially be available in large markets, the message says.

"Thanks to the global launch of Watch, we support the creators of video clips and producers in two important areas: we help them monetize their videos with commercial breaks, and also provide a new analytical tool Creator Studio, through which they can obtain detailed information about response of people to their content," Facebook said. Users will be able to track which videos their subscribers liked and which ones they shared with their friends.

Watch, like other Facebook services, will be unavailable in China and a number of other countries, including North Korea. Initially, Watch will be available on Android smartphones, later - on iPhones. In addition, an application for connected TVs has already been created.