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Facebook offers $650M to settle facial recognition lawsuit in USA

07/24/2020 - 07:39

Facebook has increased the court deal to $ 650 million to settle a class action lawsuit against Illinois residents over the use of facial recognition technology, Bloomberg reported.

Anthony Quintano
Anthony Quintano
Back in January, Facebook executives agreed to pay only $ 550 million. The District Court in San Francisco has expressed doubts about the adequacy of this amount.

On Thursday, Judge James Donato said during a video hearing that Facebook's new proposal looks "significantly better."

"I would say that for now, pending further consideration, it looks like the concerns are mostly answered," he said.

In 2015, Illinois residents filed a class action lawsuit against Facebook, accusing the company of violating the law by using facial recognition technology to collect biometric data. In August 2019, a U.S. federal appeals court dismissed Facebook's attempt to challenge its class action lawsuit. The appellate ruling puts the company at risk of potentially paying billions of dollars to Illinois residents.

source: vox.xom