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Europeans are setting their minds on cooperation with Trump

11/09/2016 - 14:13

Results of the US presidential election can be called a stunning political sensation in America. Most forecasters and analysts were confident of Clinton’s victory.

"America never accepts anything less than the best," - said Trump on November 9, referring to his victory speech to the voters.

"Our campaign is over, but our work is just beginning, and we will do this work so that you will be proud of your president," - he added. Trump personally thanked former Mayor of New York Rudolph Giuliani and Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie, who have supported him in the election campaign. He also expressed his gratitude to retired Lt. Gen Michael Flynn, who ensured safety of the race.

"We will look for an opportunity of dialogue and partnership rather than conflict", - said Trump, standing next to his family. It was a message to all electorate, including Clinton’s. Apparently, the latter are not eager to see Trump as their leader. The Republican has already made the first step forward by expressing respect for Hillary Clinton and her team, which, according to him, has done a "great job".

Meanwhile, European Parliament President Martin Schulz said that he hopes for rational cooperation with the new US president, reports Reuters. 

According to the official, cooperation with the Republican president will not be easy as some of his statements called for protectionism and were in some way disrespectful towards "women and minorities."

Schulz, who is a German Social Democrat, also he learned from his experience differences between statements during election campaign and actual presidential policy measures. The representative of the European Parliament expressed hope for a return to sustainable cooperation with the United States.

In a separate written statement, Schultz noted that Trump now should make his policy more detailed. From the first days, the new president is going to face a number of geopolitical problems in Syria, Iraq, Libya and Ukraine, so his diplomatic skills should be involved from the very first day. According to Schultz, the whole outside world was waiting for the US president, who will direct American policy to strengthen international relations and defending values of freedom and democracy.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said that the European Union and the United States will continue to work together after election of Donald Trump as president.

According to Mogherini, ties between the US and the EU are much closer and deeper than any political changes. The parties will continue to work together to rediscover strength of Europe. A number of officials and European diplomats have said that Eurozone countries should build up cooperation, if Trump’s administration wants to set aside a number of international obligations.

Peter Praet, Member of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank also expressed his position on Trump’s victory. According to him, the ECB must remain calm even during collapse of the world financial markets, which began when Trump pulled ahead. Before his speech on monetary policy and the euro area banking system, Praet told reporters that it is too early to react on Trump’s victory. Typically, volatility should be seen within a few days, so financiers need to stay calm and watch for developments.

"We have to be quieter than the market", - said the representative of the ECB.