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Ericsson: Transfer to 5G will accelerate because of COVID-19 pandemic

06/03/2020 - 07:04

Refuse of 2G and 3G mobile communications technologies will accelerate after the COVID-19 pandemic. Operators will transfer data and voice calls to LTE networks and begin sharing frequencies for 4G and 5G technologies, Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson predicts.

“Now operators are forced to rethink their strategies - 2G and 3G technologies will lose relevance earlier than predicted. 2G and 3G will go down against the background of frequency refarming in order to provide mobile Internet and voice services based on LTE networks. In addition, sharing 4G and 5G technologies at the same frequencies will begin in the near future,” Ericsson said in a statement

As Ericsson explains, after the pandemic there will be a high demand for quality data services. “It’s already obvious that many companies will leave their employees to work remotely for some time even after removing severe restrictions. Many schools will take a similar approach. Under the new normal, demand for entertainment from home will remain steadily high - in particular, interactive and cloud games, which require a high-speed connection, are in demand,” the message reads.

Ericsson also adds that several countries are considering the use of mobile technology to prevent the spread of COVID-19. According to the report, during the period of restrictions caused by coronavirus, increase in voice traffic has been noted in all countries: in 2G, 3G and VoLTE mobile networks, voice traffic increased by 20-70%; not only the number of calls increased, but also their duration.