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Egyptian representatives unexpectedly cancel meetings with Israeli counterparts

05/13/2024 - 14:52

Scheduled discussions between Egyptian and Israeli officials have been canceled because of growing discord, according to a report by the i24 TV channel.

The station claims that the issues stem from Cairo's apprehension over Israeli military actions in the town of Rafah, which is located on the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt.

According to i24, the ruling came about as a result of Egypt endorsing a case that South Africa brought before the UN International Court of Justice, in which the country was charged with genocide by Israel against the Palestinian people residing in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt's military leaders issued a cautionary order to their forces in the Sinai Peninsula last week following the Israel Defense Forces' (IDF) occupation of the Rafah border crossing from the Gaza Strip.

Additionally, Egypt has increased drone reconnaissance over the region.

The Israeli army's arrival into the Rafah border from the Palestinian side, the only land route into the enclave not previously under Israeli control, has reportedly infuriated the Egyptian populace, according to the UAE-based newspaper The National.