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EU signs 20 contracts to buy shells for Ukraine

01/12/2024 - 10:01

Less than half of the 1 million shells that the EU agreed to give Ukraine each year have been secured for the end of 2023, as explained by Peter Stano, the spokesperson for EU ambassador Josep Borrell.

Dietmar Rabich
Dietmar Rabich
"More than 20 contracts have been signed for public procurement and, as of December, these contracts allowed for the delivery of at least 180,000 shells," Stano told at a briefing in Brussels on Thursday.

According to him, the numbers are "growing every week." "The political goal of one million shells is still in place. However, we must remember that this political choice is quite new. Furthermore, it involves more than just ammunition; it involves the delivery of all necessary military supplies and equipment."

He was answering a request for information regarding the reasons for the recent declaration made by Thierry Breton, a member of the European Commission for the Internal Market, stating that it was still feasible to supply Ukraine with one million shells in a year.

Stano noted that in February 2023, the EU set a target of one million shells, which member states committed to "depending on their stocks and production capacities, as well as the state order market."



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