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EU's New Financial Program

05/27/2015 - 15:41

In 2016, the EU intends to spend €9,5 billion for response to external crises, including Ukraine. It was declared by the European Commissioner on the budget and human resources Kristalina Georgieva at a briefing in European Commission.

Amio Cajander
Amio Cajander
- In 2016, the EU intends to spend €9,5 billion for response to external crises, including Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, - she told.

Powerful crises shake the world. In Syria, the bloody slaughter proceeds, though the world partially forgot about it. The number of the victims in the perishing country has reached around 200 thousand people. And the world map is remade in northern Iraq: terribly cruel fighters under a banner of Islam go beyond all limits. Their power extends from the city of Aleppo in Syria to borders of the Kurdish autonomy in the north of Iraq. ISIS tries to destroy the existing law and order. It does not recognize neither borders, nor the states, the governments – only its own interpretation of the Koran.  

According to EC’s aired offers, account part of the budget of the EU will make €143,5 billion in 2016.
According to Georgieva, €66,6 billion are planned to be allocated for stimulation of economic growth and employment. In addition, the European Commission intends to spend €10 billion for innovations and researches within the Horizon 2020 program, whereas in 2015, the expenses on this program made €11,6 billion.

The new program Horizon 2020 pays the special attention to commercialization of results of research projects. For the first time at the European level, the continuous support of development from idea to the market will be provided. At the time, an attempt is made to create the uniform mechanism of support of all stages of an innovative chain as much as possible to support a product conclusion to the market. Much attention in the new program is paid to increase its participation in projects of small and medium enterprises. Also, the level of administrative barriers will be reduced thanks to simplification of rules and procedures to involvement of the best scientists and a wide range of the innovative companies.  

The European Commission put the program of support of agricultural producers within the General agrarian policy (PAC) - €42,86 billion - on the second place in the budget of the EU.

It is remarkable that this program occupied the main part of expenses of the European Union last century - traditionally its share was from a half to two thirds of all the expenses, however now its place in the budget of the EU gradually decreases.

Besides, the European Commission suggests to allocate €833 million for the solution of migratory problems.

Migratory streams recently have reached such intensity that the leading analysts consider the related changes as the most real problem. The migration problem in Europe moved to the forefront in the last decade. The European politicians recognized policy of multiculturalism failure and now try to reconsider the attitude towards migrants. The British prime minister David Cameron, for example, urges to refuse forever failure policy of multiculturalism and more aggressively protect the western liberal values.

Parameters of the budget of the EU still have to be approved by European Parliament and Council of the EU. Adoption of the budget has to happen by the end of 2015.


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