The Strategist

EU puts forward new measures on union's cybersecurity

12/21/2023 - 09:19

The Council of the European Union announced that permanent representatives of the EU in Brussels have come to an agreement on a "cyber solidarity law" that would guard against occurrences and risks related to cybersecurity.

“The deal represents a further advancement in Europe's cyber resilience. The EU and its member states will undoubtedly be better equipped to anticipate, stop, respond to, and recover from significant cyberthreats and assaults with greater effectiveness and efficiency,” stated José Luis Escriva, Minister for Digital Transformation under the Spanish Presidency of the EU.

The stated goal is to "make Europe more resilient and responsive to cyber threats, while strengthening cooperation mechanisms".

The European Commission's proposal, which forms the basis of the bill, aims to strengthen EU solidarity, harmonize crisis management, support detection and reporting of significant or large-scale cybersecurity threats and incidents, enhance preparedness and protection of critical facilities and essential services, like hospitals and public utilities, and help ensure a safe and secure digital landscape for businesses and citizens.