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EU is getting ready for growing number of Ukrainian refugees

12/12/2022 - 10:25

The European Commissioner for Migration has stated that the EU has begun to get ready for a potential rise in the influx of refugees from Ukraine.

UN Women/Aurel Obreja via flickr
UN Women/Aurel Obreja via flickr
The EU authorities have begun preparing for a potential rise in the number of Ukrainian refugees, told Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Migration, to the Financial Times.

The politician claimed that "[Russian President Vladimir] Putin's purpose is to instigate a refugee problem [in the EU] in order to increase pressure on us." She said, "Of course there will be a major difficulty, but I think we can handle it," if "millions of people" arrive in Europe this winter.

Johansson added that although there are currently a more individuals coming to the EU from Ukraine than going back, the EU is already putting plans in place in case the number of refugees rises.

However, some European nations that took the brunt of the previous wave of migration worry about the effects of a fresh flood of Ukrainian migrants, according to the Financial Times.

Despite being able to move freely across the EU, diplomats have noted that Ukrainians frequently settle in large cities, which puts more of a strain on local government, according to the newspaper. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser stated earlier this week, "It is apparent to us that if migration from Ukraine continues, we will require a fairer distribution [of refugees] across Europe."