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EU allocates funds for technology research to Huawei

06/15/2023 - 10:35

The European Union has given the Chinese technology corporation Huawei €3.89 million for research and development of inventions under the Horizon Europe initiative, writes the Financial Times.

Matti Blume
Matti Blume
Huawei is a participant in 11 projects funded by Horizon Europe's flagship research and innovation initiative and will get up to 14% of the funding, or €3.89 million.

The company offers platforms for artificial intelligence and infrastructure equipment for research projects financed by the EU, including projects in the areas of quantum sensing and autonomous driving.

According to the article, one of the initiatives involves conducting research to develop a highly dependable network-connected, autonomous driving, automotive safety system. American chipmaker Intel, Japanese auto parts supplier Denso, and Stellantis are also project partners. Since 2007, Huawei claims to have taken part in over 30 programs run by the EU's premier research and development framework.



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