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Daimler to release fully autonomous trucks by 2025

01/09/2019 - 11:03

In the coming years, German Daimler plans to invest € 500 million to create self-driving trucks.

Transport Pixels via flickr
Transport Pixels via flickr
The company intends to release fully autonomous trucks to the market by 2025, Daimler spokesman at the international Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas said.

Partially automated trucks will be commissioned as early as 2019, reports Deutsche Welle. The company intends to create about 200 jobs in the United States and Germany for development of the new cars.

The first partially automated trucks are originally planned to be released on US roads. The control system in them allows the computer to slow down, pick up speed and turn. Daimler intends to skip the stage when the truck is able to drive without a driver, but the driver is in the cab for safety reasons.

In addition, the company will not use Truck platooning technology, which implies unification of automated trucks into columns for further joint movement along a given route while maintaining the minimum distance between all participants. The first car in the chain acts as a “lead”, while other trucks follow it and adapt to its driving parameters. It was assumed that this approach allows achieving tangible fuel savings and a reduction in carbon emissions. However, tests conducted since 2016 have shown that the estimated savings are greatly exaggerated.