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DHL to deliver shipments by all-electric aircraft

08/04/2021 - 03:33

DHL Express will add all-electric aircraft to its fleet. The company has ordered 12 airliners from Israeli start-up Eviation to reduce emissions. By 2050, it expects to reduce its emissions to zero.

Freight delivery specialist DHL Express has decided to add all-electric aircraft to its fleet, according to the operator's website. The company has ordered 12 freighters from Israeli startup Eviation, which is now based in Seattle. 

The electric aircraft, called Alice, is an all-electric aircraft with zero emissions, the company notes. Eviation plans to deliver the first DHL Express airliner in 2024, DHL said. The aircraft will be operated in California, a company spokesman clarified to Bloomberg.

Alice is capable of carrying 1,200kg and has a maximum range of 815km. It will take up to 30 minutes for every hour of flight and can be recharged during loading and unloading, allowing the company to meet tight delivery schedules, the statement said.

Deutsche Post DHL Group cites emissions reduction as one of its main development areas. In total, the group plans to invest €7bn by 2030. In addition to electrifying its planes to deliver goods to consumers, the company intends to use clean fuels and climate-neutral buildings. By 2050, the group intends to achieve zero emissions.