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Cur: Kill Pain with Electroshock

05/14/2015 - 17:29

The plaster blocks pain with electrical pulses which it sends to the nerve cells.

Developers from United States created the smart patch Cur, which blocks pain by electricity. Amazing innovation, which is designed to help people with chronic pain, soon goes on sale , what was reported by Digital Trends May 14.

The wearable was developed by a bioengineering expert Sean Rahimi. Cur muffles pain by sending electrical pulses to the human nerves via electrodes placed on the skin. So it uses transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, well-known to scientists for decades. Electrical impulses affect the nerves and abolish the pain signal they send to the brain - thereby providing immediate relief of pain in the location on which the electrodes are placed. To launch Cur, you just need to apply it on the affected area and click. The impact intensity emitted by electrostatic charges to the area of ​​pain can be adjusted using the "+" and "-" buttons on the smart patch, or using a mobile app on your smartphone.

The developers promise that the effect of the patch will be painless: the user will feel a gentle tingling or slight vibration. At the same time, you can adjust the strength of microcurrent with the help of the module located in Cur buttons or via special application for smartphones.

Such a bandage called Quell introduced in early 2015 the company NeuroMetrix. After exposure to the nerve endings unit for $ 250 relieves pain from degenerative changes in the joints. Queel already allowed the aforementioned Commission for use without a prescription.