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Cubana de Aviación cancels flights to Mexico due to US sanctions

10/24/2019 - 09:28

In addition, the national airline of Cuba will stop flying to the Caribbean and Venezuela.

Dmitry Terekhov via flickr
Dmitry Terekhov via flickr
Washington tightened measures regarding the export and re-export of a number of products to Cuba. They also affected the leasing of aircraft and ships, telecommunications equipment and donations. In addition, all licenses previously issued to state Cuban carriers for leasing aircraft and ships will be revoked within a week.

This forced the Cuban national airline Cubana de Aviación to cancel flights to several international destinations at once.

“On October 18, the US government announced new economic measures against Cuba that affect Cuba’s civil aviation sector, in particular Cubana de Aviación... Cubana de Aviacion was notified by third-country leasing companies of the termination of already signed leases, which led to the cancellation of international flights," the company said.

Cubana de Aviación has to cancel flights to the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Haiti. In addition, the company will have to reconfigure some routes in national traffic. At the same time, the firm promises to fully compensate the losses to customers whose flights were canceled.