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Countries with highest quality of life

03/02/2017 - 14:56

InterNations, the world's largest network for people living and working abroad, asked 14.3 thousand expats to evaluate their present country of residence in terms of 43 different aspects on a scale from 1 to 7. The respondents represented 174 nationalities living in 191 countries around the world.

Countries with highest quality of life
The concept of "best quality of life" is defined by opportunities for leisure, personal satisfaction, freedom of movement and transport, health and wellness, safety and many others.

Here are the top 20 countries with the best quality of life.

20. Hungary

The country swiftly gained the rating thanks to relatively low cost of life and, at the same time, a variety of career opportunities.

19. Finland

InterNations’ experts found that "74% of expats and their families living in Finland praised accessibility of education". This country has also gained the highest score in the "Health and Wellness" category.

18. Ecuador 

The country joined the list largely thanks to reviews of travelers. However, the language barrier can be a hindrance for those who intend to stay there longer than a year.

17. Luxembourg

The country somehow lost its charm in the eyes of non-residents due to endless rise in prices. However, Luxembourg is still highly rated thanks to employability, picturesque landscape, and high level of healthcare and education.

16. Australia

This country is considered one of the best places to stay with family. It ranks second by availability of education and educational opportunities in general.

15. France

Average working week there is just 41 hours, and local people enjoy high-top-quality and affordable education.

14. Portugal

The country is considered a paradise among expats: 91% are fully satisfied with living there.

13. New Zealand

"Australia and New Zealand have merged into a single entity in the minds of most, but expats noticed differences", - InterNations experts write. For example, New Zealand is forging ahead by health care thanks to its availability. 

12. Canada

Good ecology, hospitality and the shortest working week helped Canada climb up the ranking this year.

11. South Korea

The country is highly valued for career opportunities and favorable conditions for family life.

10. Switzerland

Medicine, education and good opportunities for job search brought the country in the top ten, yet the cost of living did not let Switzerland go further.

9. Germany

The country is popular among expats thanks to high score on general living standards and career opportunities.

8. Singapore

The city-state dropped from first to eighth place this year due to rising cost of living and medical care.

7. The Czech Republic

The country occupies a leading position in a survey of expats with children, who praise local kindergartens and accessible education (according to 74% of respondents).

6. Malta

The country has fallen from last year's third place to sixth due to a shortfall in the "balance of work and leisure" category. However, Malta has a leading position in "Opportunities for leisure."

5. Costa Rica

Wonderful weather and progress in language policy helped the country break into the top five. 79% of expats said they "feel at home" among the locals.

4. Spain

The country is famous for its good weather and friendly attitude to foreigners. Expats appreciate its friendly atmosphere and hospitality to foreigners.

3. Japan

The country has risen from seventh to third place this year, mainly because of an excellent public transport system. Besides, expats appreciated friendly attitude of the local population and quality of medicine.

2. Austria

The country has soared to the rating’s top thanks to clean water and air. Good environmental factor brought Austria in the first place in the "Health and Welfare" category. 72% of respondents also noted well-developed transport infrastructure.

1. Taiwan

This country has surged to winning first place in the ranking thanks to quality and accessibility of health services. 


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