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Coolest gadgets of Luxury Technology Show 2017

03/30/2017 - 14:45

More than 40 companies, including Turing Robotic Industries, Thiel Audio, Blackberry, ONO 3D, Tidal Force, presented New technology developments at the Luxury Technology Show in New York. Among other things, there were luxury smartphones, flowerpot audio systems and virtual reality devices, as well as compact 3D printers.

PCMag via youtube
PCMag via youtube
Latest "luxury" technological developments were presented in New York at Luxury Technology Show. The exhibition featured a wide range of expensive high-tech devices, from smartphones, espresso machines and cars to home virtual reality systems and compact 3D printers. According to experts, the market for such premium class devices is small not only because of prices per se, but also because the circle of very wealthy people, who at the same time are strongly interested in technological innovations, is rather narrow. 

Among the smartphones presented at the exhibition was $ 17 thousand-worth Solarin Fire of Sirin Labs company. The gadget is made of expensive materials, such as titanium, ceramics and crocodile skin. In addition, the device boasts with a high level of security. There is a button that allows you to disconnect any data transfer via the Internet, leaving only possibility of calls and SMS. 

BlackBerry also revealed its new smartphone BlackBerry KEYone. It is made of more familiar materials, and its price is not so high (about $ 550), but its participation in the exhibition may well be justified by the brand’s status. Eventually, BlackBerry not so long ago was the only and mandatory phone of the state top officials.

Other manufacturers presented luxury audio systems and accessories for them. "Smart" Vinci headphones are equipped with touch screens and a full-fledged operating system with applications, such as Spotify or SoundCloud. Voice assistant Amazon Alexa, installed in the headphones, hepls turn on music or read a text message. Some headphones with high-quality sound transmission, comparable to stationary audio systems, cost several thousand dollars.

Planter Speaker dynamic is quite a non-standard device. The gadget resembles a pot, and can be installed in a garden so that listeners would not understand where the sound comes from. Each speaker costs $ 5 thousand, and installation of the system as a whole costs up to $ 60 thousand.

In fact, expensive gadgets can be attributed to cars that are becoming more and more "smart", such as an electric car Tesla Model X, which costs up to $ 86 thousand.

Virtual reality also looks interesting to some well-off buyers. Among them, for example, is RAPAEL Smart Glove. It is equipped with sensors to capture movement of a person and transfer them to the screen.

Exhibitors also presented a Polaroid-like camera for instant photos named Lomo`Instant Automat Glass. This is the first such camera equipped with a full-size matrix to improve quality of photos. 3D printers have long been quite widespread, and now there is a compact 3D-printer ONO 3D, compatible with any smartphone.

Device PicoBrew Pico is, in fact, a mini-brewery and is sold for $ 699. It can be loaded with ingredients provided by 80 different breweries, and will deliver ready-made beer in two hours. 

Luxury gadgets for health occupied another niche. LightStim bed is equipped with more than 18 thousand red LEDs and, according to the creators’ plan, helps to reduce wrinkles, improves blood circulation and relieves muscle pain. Such a bed is worth $ 65 thousand.