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China starts working on 6G

11/08/2019 - 09:36

China has begun work on 6G networks, CNBC reported with reference to the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology. According to Deputy Minister Wang Xi, the 6G project is at an “initial stage,” and it’s not yet clear how to approach its development from a technical point of view.

Richard Smith
Richard Smith
The ministry will create two working groups. One will consist of specialized state ministries, the other - from 37 universities, companies and research institutes. After completing the research, they will provide the ministry with their own findings.

According to forecasts of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 5G communication networks, which are just starting to be launched in individual countries, will be struggling to cope with the growing volume of data transfer by 2028. By this time, analysts predict the emergence of next-generation networks, 6G.