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China soars by 40% in Brand Finance national brands rating

10/24/2019 - 08:27

Evaluation of the US national brand grew by 7.2% to $ 27.751 trillion since last year, China's brand valuation soared by 40.5% to $ 19.486 trillion, and the brand of Germany fell by 5.7% to $ 4.855 trillion. These are the results of a new study by Brand Finance study.

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All three countries remain the most expensive brands in the world.

The brand assessment took into account the country's GDP, investment and tourist attractiveness, policies and trade rules, social aspects and other criteria. The average increase in brand value among countries with developing economies was 13.9%, while in developed countries the indicator grew by only 0.4%

Japan rose from fifth place to fourth, its brand rose by 26% to $ 4.533 trillion. The UK was fifth, despite rising 2.7% to $ 3.851 trillion. France remained in sixth place (-4%, to $ 3.097 trillion).

India moved up to seventh from the ninth in last year’s ranking (+ 18.7%, to $ 2.562 trillion), Canada dropped to eighth from seventh (-1.8%, to $ 2.183 trillion). South Korea took the ninth position instead of the tenth (+ 6.7%, to $ 2.135 trillion); Italy fell to the tenth from the eighth (-4.7%, to $ 2.11 trillion).

Singapore ranked first with a score of 90.5 points out of 100 in a separate national brands sustainability rating (which does not take into account the scale of the economy). Nevertheless, the indicator worsened somewhat compared to 92.4 points in last year’s rating. The authors of the study note the high quality of medical care and education in the country.

The second place is taken by Switzerland (89.9 points), followed by the Netherlands with a minimum margin (89.6 points), followed by Germany (88.2 points), Luxembourg (86.9 points), UAE (86.6 points) ) and Finland (86.4 points).