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China's Armed Peace

05/26/2015 - 16:21

The government of China published the White paper devoted to the military doctrine of the state. It is noting that from now on, the Chinese army intends to adhere to the position of "active defense", but at the same time, accelerate modernization of army, firmly defend the sovereignty and interests, and also develop external military communications, including with Russia, reports Xinhua agency.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
The document states that China will steadily step on a way of peaceful development, adhere to independent, self-sufficient and peace foreign policy, pursue military policy of defensive character, oppose hegemony and strong-arm tactics in any forms of their manifestation, it is told in the agency’s message.

The Republic of China will never work aggressively or expansionist for other countries. Thus, China intends to combine strategic defense with readiness for tactical attack. "We will not attack the first, but we will give the answer undoubtedly", - it is told in the White paper.

Creation of strong defense and powerful army is called a strategic problem of military modernization of China and a guarantee of peaceful development of the state. The paper emphasizes that in the new situation, the Chinese army will adhere to a strategic course of "active defense", accelerate modernization of defense and army, firmly defend the state sovereignty, safety and interests of development.

The White paper, in regard of cooperation in the sphere of military safety, says that the Chinese army adheres to the concept of safety, where the emphasis is placed on creation of a general complex, based on cooperation and steady safety. Also it develops the military relations characterized by non-alignment to blocks, not opposition and not counteraction to the third parties, makes efforts for creation of the fair and effective mechanism of collective security and the mechanism of military mutual trust, actively expands space of cooperation in military safety, works on creation of the safe environment for peaceful development of the state.

Strengthening of military communications

The paper notes that China is going to comprehensively develop external military communications, deepen exchanges and cooperation between armies of China and Russia within the bilateral relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction, gradually create the comprehensive, diverse and steady mechanism, as well as advance further development of the intermilitary relations between two countries.

As for the Chinese-American military communications, the White paper indicates the need of formation of intermilitary communications of new type, which have to go in step with development of the Chinese-American intermajestic relations of new type; strengthening of dialogue, an exchange and cooperation in the sphere of defense; improvement of the mechanism of the mutual notice of large military operations, measures of trust and norms of safe behavior at a meeting at the sea and in air; increases of mutual trust, prevention of risks and control of crises.

Also it is specified that strengthening of military presence of the USA in the region, and also revision of the military doctrine by Japan cause concern in Beijing. "Such succession of events causes the growing concern in the countries of the region", it is told in the document.

Also, the document says that China will strengthen and develop military communications with the adjacent countries, increase the level of the military relations with the European countries, develop traditional friendly military communications with the African, Latin American and Southern Pacific countries, deepen cooperation in defense and safety within SCO, participate in enlarged meeting of Ministers of Defence of member countries of ASEAN.

Lastly, the statement claims that China will not increase arms and participate in race of arms in space and nuclear race: "China calls for the world on the planet".