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China fails to cope with new wave of COVID-19

12/19/2022 - 08:54

Reuters reports that, despite the relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, the streets of China's major cities are nearly empty. Many residents are either sick or trying not to leave their homes unnecessarily to avoid becoming infected due to severe drug shortages, according to the agency.

China's Bureau of Statistics reported 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 for the entire country on December 17th. However, since China's State Health Commission stopped reporting the number of new asymptomatic cases on December 14, these statistics no longer accurately reflect the disease's true scope.

According to Reuters, despite the fact that there have been no coronavirus deaths in the last ten days, Beijing's mortuaries and crematoria are struggling to keep up.

Last Friday, December 16, China's State Council issued a directive urging local governments to coordinate their efforts to ensure that the country's population has enough medicines. However, according to the Financial Times, there is already a severe shortage of medicines in the country, not just for COVID-19 but also for the common cold.