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China abolishes "one family, two children" policy, allows to have three children

07/21/2021 - 10:20

The Chinese authorities have abolished the "one family, two children" policy and now families are allowed to have three children. This is stated in the decision of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, quoted by Xinhua.

Anja Disseldorp via flickr
Anja Disseldorp via flickr
The decision will help address the demographic challenges posed by an ageing population. According to statements by the Communist Party Central Committee, it will "preserve China's human resources advantage".

According to preliminary reports, the restrictions will be lifted first in the provinces with the lowest fertility rates and then at the national level. The authorities stressed that the policy change would be accompanied by "support measures that will help improve the country's population structure".

For example, the government plans to improve prenatal, postnatal and childbirth services and reduce the cost of childcare and education by 2025. In addition, China has decided to abolish social security contributions and to abolish the provision for fines for the third child.

The authorities intend to address the gender imbalance, optimise the demographic structure and quality of the population, and are prepared to introduce amendments to encourage marriage and childbirth. It is not yet known when the decision will take effect.

In January 2016, the Chinese Communist Party allowed citizens to have up to two children. The ban was lifted in order to increase the number of able-bodied citizens.