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CNN, NYT: US was ready for Wagner mutiny in Russia before it started

06/26/2023 - 03:11

The US was aware of Prigozhin's plans to start a mutiny, but kept quiet so that Russian authorities would not suspect the West of being engaged in the coup attempt, CNN writes.

Vitaliy Ragulin
Vitaliy Ragulin
CNN’s sources told that American intelligence was aware of Russian mercenaries’ leader Yevgeny Prigozhin's ambitions to arrange an attempted coup in Russia well in advance. Prigozhin is the founder of the private military company (PMC) Wagner. According to the media, the intelligence notified a small group of Congressmen about the potential events as early as Thursday, June 22, before the mutiny began.

NYT interlocutors said that US intelligence became aware of Prigozhin's plans a few days prior to the events. According to a senior intelligence officer and another source, the PMC chief has been hoarding guns and ammo. Three people informed CNN that it was unknown in advance what Prigozhin's actions' final purpose would be.

The sources added that intelligence was concerned about who would ultimately manage Russia's nuclear weapons but did not know what may happen as a result of Prigozhin's attempt. The likelihood of "internal chaos" in Russia posed hazards for the United States since Prigozhin was "known for brutality" and would probably be an unpredictable leader if he won, the newspaper claimed.