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Building a Brand

06/16/2015 - 17:08

If you are new to the business, then you are well aware, what an uphill work is to start your own business. And a key part of this process - the creation of the brand - and can be a very difficult question.

Internet Edition Cheat Sheet asked for advice brands experts Juntae DeLane and Jasmine Smith, who told about development of the brand and its popularity. Below is a list of the points that experts advise to pay attention to when creating a brand.
1. The basic mistake made by beginners in business - the decision to make the logo do all the work. However, this is not the wisest one. It is important to understand that in addition to logo, you need to create a brand and make it work for you.
- The mistake that many people do, is they think that because they have a logo, they have a brand. The logo is a recognition symbol, not a brand. You can posess the coolest logo in the world, but if clients have problems with your business and they will tell their friends about it, all that you will get - it's a cool logo and a failed business. Invest in the development of the brand instead, which will be an integral part of your business. And when you do this, it is necessary to extend it to all areas of your business - communication, customer service, management - said Smith.
2. What was actually created by your business? It is important to clearly understand what you offer to the potential customers and how you can make their lives better – just as create a strong brand.
- There is nothing better than to have a way in life. Customers are becoming more purposeful, and this commitment can seriously affect the way they choose a brand, - said DeLane.
3. Once you have decided which direction your company is going to work, do not delay the start of a long marketing campaign. Take action now, using all your passion and energy to breathe life into the new brand that you create.
- When you have an idea and the achievable goal, begin to develop your brand. With the development of your ideas and the appearance on the market of your products or services, you want your business to receive an individuality to clarify its mission, goals and business value. This is the way to build a brand, "- said Smith.
4. Your customers do not just want to work with your brand, they want to work with you. Show them that your business has a human face.
Communication with customers is a great way to show that at the other end - the person to whom it is important to provide customers with the best products and the best services.
- Brands work with customers as they would like to work with them. The era of one-way communication is gone. Now it is the era of two-way communication, with brand and customers involved in the dialogue on an equal footing. This will be possible only if the brand become more ‘humane’- says DeLane.
5. Think about your customers, what they need and what they want. Think about how your product can affect their everyday lives.
- The process of changing products and services to better meet the demands of the market was the impetus for many start-up companies. They saw the success that accompanied the companies with their strategy build around customer needs. Simply put, the company may have the tools and technologies that will enable it to manage relationships with customers, but the company may fail if it focuses on products and markets, rather than the relationship with customers, - said DeLane.
6. Availability in social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, help your business transfer your ideas to existing and potential customers. It is worth paying attention to this tool and think about how to better and more efficient use it.
- Not necessary to be a great brand to develop relationships with influential people. Twenty years ago, the main authorities were movie stars and athletes. Today, those are bloggers and YouTube stars. - says DeLane.
7. Consistency - a key factor in the success of your brand. Without it, your customers can easily get confused and will not know exactly what to expect of you.
- Be consistent in communicating and providing services to clients. Each time your business meets with clients, you must use the same tone, transmit the same message and the same values. Fulfill promises, be consistent. If you do not do this, then your customers will tell the world about it and it will also become part of the brand because the brand - it's not what the company says about itself but what customers are saying about the company, "- said Smith.


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